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AmiDoll Buddy In The Pink Champions breast cancer awareness

AmiDoll for breast cancer prevention awareness

AmiDoll for breast cancer prevention awareness

She’s small.  She’s delightful, and she is very pink. Like real Cocker Spaniels, few can resist the charm of those dark eyes and little amigurumi smile. Who is she?  She is the new AmiDoll Buddy In The Pink Champions –is the first of a collection of Cocker Spaniel AmiDolls created to champion women’s wellness.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Each year 1 in8 women is diagnosed with breast cancer. A woman’s risk increases as she ages and today breast cancer is the second most common cancer in women in the U.S.  Early detection helps  to reduce risk and is done with monthly breast self exams (BSE), and routine mammography screening after a woman reaches age 40. BSE and mammography help to find disease early when treatment is more likely to work well.

Ami Buddy in The Pink is six inches tall and is crocheted in pink with darker pink ears. She wears a jewel collar strung with crystal and letter beads to spell the name of someone who is a genuine champion for women’s health. Ami Buddy in The Pink-jeweled collar tribute detail

The pattern for Ami Buddy in The Pink will be available soon so you can make your own AmiDoll to give to your champion friends and family.

For more information on breast cancer detection and screening, visit


Weaving together sand, sea and sky

Last year I crocheted several lapghans and afghans. In the spring I freshend my front room color scheme from deep jewel tones of winter, to light and airy ones that reminded me of the sea, sandy beaches, and the sky.

The result was my SeaSiren rolls from the shore to the deep sea and back again bubbling up with a little seafoam misting into clouds.

The pattern was pictured in a solid, but my SeaSiren, based on a modified shell and post pattern, is multi-colored and done in worsted weight yarn.

If you hold it close to your ear, you might just hear the sirens calling you.

2009 Afghan

2009 SeaSiren afghan

Cranberry Harvest

Fall harvest has arrived early this year with a beautiful new yarn from Malabrigo.

My daughter picked out the yarn and color at a charming fiber shop in Roswell, Georgia, “Cast-On Cottage”. The rows of colorful yarns and textures almost took your breath away because of the selection.

The yarn she choose for her shawl is a sock weight, similar to lace weight, and is kettle dyed Tiziano Red. The color on my monitor does not show the deep jewel-like richness of the color in the yarn itself.,com_wrapper/Itemid,36/

According to the Malabrigo website, the fiber is from Merino sheep raised in Uruguay. It is so soft and the Cranberry shawl with a lace edge and beads should be comfortable to wear this fall.