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Design Sponge Interviews Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed

Design Sponge Interviews Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed

This is a must read interview by Maxwell Tielman that takes us into the creative world of Jared Flood. Flood took his creative skills and meshed them into beautiful fibers, pictures, and patterns. His blog spun him into a business model that is Brooklyn Tweed, “a full-sized yarn and textile design company specializing in beautiful fibers made in the United States” reported Tielman. Read the story for a glimpse of the passion of textiles and art and many beautiful photos of Flood’s studio.


Emma’s Yummy Yummy Sweater Vest

Inspired by the bright and cheery color palette used by Angie shown in her blog,  Le Monde de Sucrette, I am working on a crocheted sweater vest for my granddaughter, Emma Adrienne.

774275_3856948477049_591894459_oOne of Emma’s first phrases was “yummy yummy”. She used it when she was hungry. The colors in this piece are so lovely, it made me think “yummy yummy”.

I think it works.


Emma’s New Sweater

Emma has many pretty sweaters. But it is always nice to have another, don’t you think? Visiting Sucrette’s website I was enchanted by the beautiful color combinations of this talented fiber artist.

Everyday kinds of things are made brilliant because of the skills of the artist and the magical assortment of colors she uses.

So I borrowed her palette and have set about making Emma a new sweater vest. The pattern is a simple children’s vest using a nubbly crochet stitch. The Colors.Image