Finishing the Emma Yummy Yummy Vest

Emma’s Yummy Yummy Vest is off the hook and the gazillion ends are woven in. The trim has been worked around the edges and all that is left to do is rinse and block it. Oh, and find the perfect buttons for it. Though it is a child’s size 2-3, it probably will be too large for the petite Emma for another six months at least. Maybe longer.

Gathering inspiration from a number of sources, and a mix of patterns to boot, I made the Emma Yummy Yummy vest using an interesting “make 1 sc into the next stitch” from Whit’s Knits on Purl Bee. This vest is probably a bit heavier than the pattern, Whit’s Knits: Classic Vest for Little Kids because of the medium weight, acrylic yarn I used. The pattern called for a merino, cashmere and nylon yarn.

But the colorway is all Angie’s inspiration (Sucrette)–those beautiful, bright colors that make a person happy just to look at them. Yummy Yummy!


Emma cheering for her daddy who is playing basketball!


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