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Not so bubbly Bubble Dress

20140510_093255_resizedEmma’s Bubble Dress was a good concept, but it was a flop in creation. The weight of the ruffling dragged down the bodice so that it fit like a potato sack. Shapeless and heavy. The problem was in the design, especially at the larger size (modified slightly larger than 24 month). Perhaps the larger sizing was the problem, except that others realized how heavy the ruffling made the dress and opted to limit it. I stayed with the pattern.

With the materials costing over $40, it was an expensive exercise in learning how to use the ruffling yarn. This was the first time I’d used it. It is very pretty, just be aware that it significantly increases the weight of garment. The pattern was from Red Heart and adapted to be ruffled by someone else. It is based on the Little Sweetie infant garment.