I am a professional writer and health program specialist who knits for my emotional health. When I was a young, my aunt and I took a class and learned to crochet. She already knitted, but didn’t know how to crochet and we learned together. It is a treasure I keep close to my heart.

Erna taught me to knit when my daughter was a baby. Erna was from Sweden and she and her young family were in the U.S. because of her husband’s job. She was like a sister to me and showed me how to knit the continental way –slipping instead of throwing the yarn–and how to be a mother. Mothers need help learning to be mothers.

Today’s yarns are so beautiful. Different from the hard acrylic yarns that were the staple of my early work, today’s yarns are anything you need them to be. The feel of a soft cashmere fiber in hand is soothing. It is like stroking the soft fur on one of my dogs. You see the difference in the drape of a sweater, or the way a rich color lights up a face when knitted into a scarf. Creative designers offers an endless source of inspiration and sometimes, I make up my own designs. Fiberlicious.



2 responses to “About

  1. Grandma Deb Ahrens

    Hey, Bobbie! I check you out on the Web every so often. It is wonderful to see how creative you have been. No time for creativity here, but my friend Leigh (Frozen Tundra Fiber Arts) shares your love for natural fibers and knitting, and keeps me in pretty socks! She even uses our Suffolk fleece and has sold it around the country. God’s blessings on your endeavors!

    • Bobbie Kolehouse

      Hi, Deb!
      Good to hear from you. As you see, I am a grandma too, and Jaimi and Jim are expecting a little boy in May. Emma is my heart though I don’t see her often at all because they live in Georgia. Hope all is well there and you’ll have to check out the link to Sucrette website to see all her pretty things!

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