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AmiDoll’s SweetHeart Blanket

The crochet pattern is “Beautiful Shells Blanket” and is designed around a central square. I’m working it in pinks and white using yarn from my stash. It is acrylic yarn, an assortment of brands (hmmm…) and worsted weight. I am using a Boye H, 5mm soft grip crochet hook.

AmiDoll's SweetHeart2 I’ve called the project, AmiDoll’s SweetHeart in memory of my Cocker Spaniel, AMCH Kindred Playin’ By Heart, Ami. And a sweeter heart would be difficult to find.

I’m not sure how much yarn it will require because I’m scrapping it from yarn I bought to make my little amigurumi AmiDoll. But I’ll keep adding to it until the scraps are woven into this lovely pattern. AmiDoll Buddy

Right: AmiDoll In The Pink for Breast Cancer Prevention. The pattern for the doll is available free on this site.


A Day at the Beach

Day at the Beach baby afghanNext up, finish work, but here is my nearly completed baby afghan, A Day at the Beach. Colors move from sunrise to sunset. A day filled with sunshine, frothy surf, sand and pebbles, and seaweed. Blue skies to a rosy golden sunset.


Stitch is Fanfare found on A modified shell stitch (of course!) Yarn is a mix of brands from my stash, Worsted Weight.

A Day at the Beach

I first met my granddaughter Emma Adrienne on a family trip to a Gulf Coast beach. She was born in July and was a tiny infant at the time. Living 1000 miles away, it took some coordination to travel, but that sweet face was my blessing as well as the  beautiful white sand beach.

736193_3751716446314_456396389_oEmma has been my muse ever since then, and though my clothing construction skills are minimal, for her I try. Among my favorite patterns are those from the Pickles studio in Norway. SAMSUNG

Or the Crochet Crowd’s Bubble Dress that didn’t work because all that ruffling was far too heavy for a crocheted dress. Pretty in theory, awful as a garment. I called it a Not So Bubbly Bubble Dress and ended up taking it all apart and made Emma a sweater jacket from some of the yarn. The ruffling–I don’t know what I’ll do with that–it is pretty, but not practical.


20150116_133623This is Lion Brand’s Short and Sweet Child’s Cardigan pattern. Just right for cooler southern days.

My daughter’s best friend is expecting her first child and so I went back to the beach for inspiration. Sand and sun and blue skies with sparkling ocean spray are reflected in this baby afghan made with the Fanfare stitch.


New baby’s Day at the Beach afghan worked in a modified shell stitch, Fanfare.

Back to the sea to find another pearl.

Emma’s Yummy Yummy Sweater Vest

Inspired by the bright and cheery color palette used by Angie shown in her blog,  Le Monde de Sucrette, I am working on a crocheted sweater vest for my granddaughter, Emma Adrienne.

774275_3856948477049_591894459_oOne of Emma’s first phrases was “yummy yummy”. She used it when she was hungry. The colors in this piece are so lovely, it made me think “yummy yummy”.

I think it works.


Weaving together sand, sea and sky

Last year I crocheted several lapghans and afghans. In the spring I freshend my front room color scheme from deep jewel tones of winter, to light and airy ones that reminded me of the sea, sandy beaches, and the sky.

The result was my SeaSiren rolls from the shore to the deep sea and back again bubbling up with a little seafoam misting into clouds.

The pattern was pictured in a solid, but my SeaSiren, based on a modified shell and post pattern, is multi-colored and done in worsted weight yarn.

If you hold it close to your ear, you might just hear the sirens calling you.

2009 Afghan

2009 SeaSiren afghan